Landmine Classic 2013

What a great showing for New England Mountain Biking.  HUGE turnout for the Landmine Classic this year.  I’m not 100% sure but I think this was probably the best attended event I have ever been to.  Hearing some reports of close to 600 racers?  Awesome.  And all proceeds go back into the trails at Wompatuck.  Everyone wins.

Except for me.  I got beat up something fierce.  Why didn’t anyone tell me Wompy was so harsh?!  Actually I think a few people tried to but it was too late.  Staging before the race I was getting a lot of “Rigid huh?….Have you ever ridden here before?”.  Several people told me straight out I was probably in for a pretty good beating.  Arnold Roest told me there was a section on course called ‘Arm Spasms’ but I think he might have actually been referring to the entire course not just one section.

Don’t get me wrong the trails are great and the course was fun and super fast but it just has that particular kind of chattery roots and rocks that really don’t let up and if you don’t have 4-5in of travel soaking anything up your bones get RATTLED.

I was riding pretty well through the first lap, but I was paying a steep price.  My wrist and shoulder were getting pretty weak and already starting to feel sore but I managed to talk myself out for my second lap.  But just short of about half way around my lines were getting worse and worse and my wrist and shoulder were taking more and more of the punishment.  I made the cowardly (wise?) decision to pack it in, save my joints for Bradbury and call the day a 30mi training ride.

I hoping Corey and John had a more enjoyable time than I did. Maybe next year I’ll bring the Y bike.

Here is my full report.

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