Its Snowing!

HiFi SnowSeems like every time I get excited about the new season Mother Nature tries to put me back in my place.  I’m looking outside my house at snow again and thinking about the opening EFTA race in Gloucester on May 15th. Been stuck in the house for the last two days with a sick son and my own stubborn sinus infection.  Yeah, this is one of the worst times of the year.  We all know Winter is over but the trails are muddy and its still cold outside.  Well, its time to get motivated regardless!

Its much easier to stay motivated during the race season when the focus is there and the weather is good.  It was a great idea to get a team blog started and I had fun setting it up.  Not only will we be able to tell our war stories throughout the season but its also a good opportunity for the team to start chatting up the 2011 racing season, their training progress and all the new equipment ready to be scratched and dented.

So it’s time to lose the winter weight, get the bike ready and put in some road miles.  Last year I lost quite a bit of weight (26 lbs).  Over the Winter 12 lbs returned but I am still ahead of where I was last year.  No other way to get the legs back except to ride and that is where the road bike comes in handy, especially this time of year when the trails aren’t ready.

My training partner, Shawn “The Ride Bully” Smith, has already started bullying me to ride a century every weekend.  Shawn is the most motivated rider I know and riding with him will either get you in shape quick or make you homicidal.  He’s already got me on the road bike and eating lots of Steamfresh.  Yes, you can eat a whole bag of this stuff and consume under 300 calories!  Yum!  Maybe Birdseye can sponsor the team next year?

I raced a 2010 Gary Fisher HiFi Pro 29 last season.  It was a great bike but I wanted a bigger frame.  So I grabbed a 2011 Trek HiFi Deluxe in 19″ (Pic above) from Chelmsford Cyclery and swapped out many of my better parts and added some Stans Arch ZTR wheels for this season.  Just waiting on some XT brakes to round out the package. This is my do-it-all bike for 2011.  I sold my Kona King Kahuna over the Winter and I might miss it when we get to the Big Ring Rumpus.  Definitely want to add another bike in the next year but I am not sure which way I will go since the HiFi is a very versatile bike.

What is everyone doing for training right now?  What’s your primary race bike?  Chime in!


Its Snowing! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for the inspirational blog post. Ride bully is just that, but he is damn good for the team. He ran into the back of me on last weekends ride just to let me know he was there. Then i could hear him laughing until he passed me on the fire road! Clown