Horror at Harding Hill

Last weekend I was up in NH to visit some family and decided to check out the Horror at Harding Hill.  EFTA puts on awesome races and this one did not disappoint.

We arrived at the race about an hour before.  When registering we found out that they had a kids race in a few minutes.  We quickly got everyone registered and got Lars to the start line.  He was the youngest by a few years but that did not deter him.  The course was great.  As opposed to many of the kids races this one had actual trails.  It was a .75 mile loop and the  big kids were to do 2 and the young kids (Lars) were to do 1 lap.  Lars chose to do 2 anyway.  He had a blast and navigated his 16″ BMX bike with coaster brake through the single track well.  The icing on the cake for him was that the race promoter gave him a small bottle of local NH maple syrup.  He held tight to that until we got home and then made sure to use it on his waffles the next morning.

About 30 minutes after the kids race I headed out with the rest of the experts to do 4 laps of the course.  I found the course to be really fun.  It was not terribly technical but had enough climbing to keep everyone honest.  The single track was fun and the double track added some good speed to the course.  I had a good first two laps and then was starting to suffer on 3 and cracked on 4.  Several racers passed me on the 4 th lap.  My fitness is much better than last year but I just didn’t fuel properly for this race.  It is important to get plenty of calories in early in the race to prevent bonking.  I neglected to do that as my stomach was not feeling all that good.  It is really difficult to race for 2hrs on electrolytes and sugar alone.  I will plan better next time.

Karina Assiter had a fine race in the Women’s sport Vet category and got 3rd place.

My next race will be at Catamount in VT. for the XCT finals.

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