Horror at Harding Hill

After a long layoff I finally got back to racing at Harding Hill. TVR turned out to be kind of a disaster; I raced sick and the main pivot went on my Superfly 100—again. Between five weeks to get a new bike going and other commitments a few months had passed. Forecast on Sunday called for 0-10% chance of rain which was surprising given the threatening skies. Shortly after getting off I-89 it started to rain. This bummed me out but at least it wasn’t pouring. After not having raced here for something like 10 years I didn’t remember the course so between that and the slick conditions in the woods I just wanted to stay on the bike. All the experts started at once and about halfway through the first lap I started moving up. I had no idea what place I was in but had a guy riding behind me nearly the whole race. My lap times were all within a minute of each other so I was consistent. In the final technical section I took a safer line and got passed. So I ended up 2nd in the 30-39. The fastest expert time was in the 40-49 but the top three overall experts were separated by less than 30 seconds. I’m hoping to do the Craftsbury race and maybe a few more.

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