Hitting the Road (Team Ride on Friday)

The Bully

Bully Sighting

Although Mountain Biking is my first passion I have a confession to make.  If it wasn’t for my road bike I wouldn’t be able to compete at the MTB races at any significant level.

I noticed a lot of Mountain Bikers shun the road for whatever the reason.  I should mention that I don’t consider myself a roadie.  I look at my road bike as a tool to improve my mountain riding.  Yeah its different and not always as exciting depending on your perspective but what it does offer is a lot of convenience.  Trails are muddy?  No problem, ride the road bike.  Short on time?  No problem, ride the road bike.  Want to burn the max amount of calories in the shortest amount of time, ride the road bike.  But, what I really like about riding the road is the amount of miles (and pedaling) I can do compared to the same amount of time on a MTB.


My Madone

So, all that being said, Good Friday is almost here and the Ride Bully has the course set and the map built.  Looks like there will be some options on the distance but one thing is certain,  there are view places that are as nice as the Kancamangus to see on a bicycle.  Long, torturous climbs and 50 mph descents!

Here’s a link to Ride Bully’s map.  Click Here

I’ll let Shawn chime in on the final details.  Hopefully we can get a handful of Team NEMBA members on some road bikes this Friday!


Hitting the Road (Team Ride on Friday) — 4 Comments

  1. Good points on the road bike! I have 3 mountain bikes now and 1 road bike. I ride the road bike 3 times more. I don’t consider myself a roadie or a dirt guy. I’m a cyclist. Long rides, short rides, solo rides, group rides, team rides, and races. It doesn’t seem to matter to me. Both mountain and road are exciting to me. Road helps with mountain for sure. Speed, endurance, power. I love the Kanc. It’s different on a bike when you’re getting close to the top the trees get smaller, the climb gets harder and the views get larger.

    • 10:15 -10:30 meet Lincoln visitor center. Extended forcast: sunny 50’s. Gonzo then kanc. Pace, up to you. Will be regrouping at the top and bottoms of the climbs. Distance up to you. Mexican food after in Lincoln. We may have the kits from Phil and will be bringing them up with us.