Gordon Barker No Brakes

The 2014 Gordon Barker No Brakes Race was a great experience. It was a bit chilly hanging around before the race but perfect once we got going. The start is a fast mile or so on a wide path and I had my usual slow start. At times I thought the race should be called No Passing instead of No Brakes. Feeling good, I worked my way through the field never really knowing what position I was in until the end of the lap. Having my girlfriend there to give me a bottle at the start of lap 2 was huge because I was able to maintain speed on a fast section and distance myself from two other racers I had been jockeying with. The rest of the second lap I only caught one other person but rode a negative split by nearly a minute. This was a great, fun course that was well-marked with plenty of volunteers. I finished in 1:29 for 4th in the Expert field. I guess you could call me the first loser because I didn’t get any prizes. After finishing, I was kicking myself for not doing more racing this year because it can be a lot of fun, especially on an awesome course. Oh well, there’s always next year . . .


Gordon Barker No Brakes — 1 Comment

  1. If you’re not 3rd you’re last!

    You didn’t seem to have any issue passing me early on as I was in the midst of discovering just how much of my race fitness I don’t have. I had a blast though once I settled into my own 3/4 speed pace. Wrists held up ok during and only a bit of soreness in the next few days.

    Such a fun course. I have petitioned to Seth to try and get this race added to the EFTA summer series next year.