Glocester Grind

ok I’ll take the first stab at a report…

To save myself some time get the real in depth account here.

What a great first showing for the EFTA side of the NEMBA Racing team!  Our tent and kits definitely get noticed.  I’m really looking forward to us getting our team routine dialed.  Post race beers and bbq at Willowdale?

Seems like everyone put up strong rides in their class and feels good about the upcoming season.  It was cool seeing teammates on course and cheering people on.  Highlight for me was coming into one of the grass switchback sections just behind Shawn and Steve and having all three of us in a different switchback with spectators screaming “Yea team NEMBA!”

Very pleased with all my sponsor gear.  Anyone considering the Slant Six’s have my blessing 100%.  Best tire I have been on in years.  I was amazed at how they held up/performed yesterday.  Rocked some HoneyStinger gels pre-race and some of the chews during.  Worked and tasted great, even with a little mud mixed in…

Nice job everyone! You’ve made your co-captain proud. (but my praise is fickle so you better keep the results coming…)

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