Glocester Grind EFTA NECS #2

Another sloppy weekend in Glocester!  The Grind has been EFTA’s dose of rocks and mud for at least the last few years.  It’s too bad, without the really big mud bogs I think this course would be one of my favorites on the circuit.  Doesn’t necessarily suit me but I like trying to solve all those tricky lines at speed with no suspension.

Field sizes were light this year with the pool of available riders split between The Grind and Domnarski but it was still a decent turnout considering the lead in weather wise.  We had some great results from our up and comers but I’m hoping they will chime in with reports on their races.

Things were going fairly well for me early but I got a bit derailed by some equipment issues and lost some time mid race that I was unable to get back.  But I stuck it out for 5th, which I am happy with.  It was great to have some of the team stick around to cheer us on as we trudged through the mud.  Highlight of my day was having Rob screaming at me to “Chase that guy!” as I ran behind someone in a mud bog.  Chris got some great pictures as well but unfortunately I’m on the wrong computer to post them now.

Here is my report.


Glocester Grind EFTA NECS #2 — 3 Comments

  1. Kevin, I have no idea how you race that damn rigid bike every weekend. Sore; Back, triceps, elbow joints, quads, and calfs. Totally destroyed today.

  2. I lost feeling in all the body parts you mentioned years ago. Now its just a race to rack up as many results as possible before the horrible horrible arthritis kicks in.