First Team Ride Down…

Hopefully lots more to go!


A few of us (team members Shawn S., Shaun P., Steve C., myself and a few other enthusiasts) got together for a great ride at LDT. Perfect conditions for early April. Gorgeous weather and the trails were already in great shape and draining well. Expertly built. NEMBA does good work…go figure.

We’re gonna have a great presence at the EFTA series and in my opinion we will also be putting up some very respectable results. Gonna have a few speed demons wearing the green and gold this season (I know its yellow, but green and gold sounds way better).

Also wanted to take an opportunity to put out a Registration Alert. Willowdale is already up to 92 (as of this morning) pre-reg’d riders. They are capping at 400 this year so keep an eye on that for anyone planning on that race.


First Team Ride Down… — 4 Comments

  1. Good ride, nice flow to those trails built by the Merrimack Valley NEMBA crew. Great to hang out with the team as well. Race kit coming. Steve nice race pace. I’ll see you next Sunday at HP. You lead this one!

  2. The ride was good this weekend, I’m sure they’ll be plenty more. HP on Sunday, I’ll be ready to go.
    Also hitting LDT tonight (haven’t looked at the weather) at 4:45 if anyone is interested.