First Impressions

Due to the added pressure (self added) of moving up to expert this year I decided to Pick up this 2011 Trek Superfly.  Last year I was on a 2010 Gary Fisher Hi Fi Pro and it seemed to do the trick.  However, I felt there was something missing when it came to getting up and over the the hills.  Not saying that the Fisher didn’t perform well going up, however if there was one spot that I wanted to improve on this year it would be my climbing.   So here she is.

Bike Is lighter as it should be, basically went with the same parts spec as the fisher as well. XT 36/26, 11/32 SRAM cassette, XO rear derailleur.  X9 Shifters, Bontrager cockpit, Gore Ride On rear shift cable, PG 1070 cassette 11/32  The big upgrade I felt would be a light set of hoops, to keep the rotational weight down, so I ordered a set of Stans Crests and set em up tubeless of course.

So how did she ride. Bike I felt was smooth over the small stuff, not harsh like some said it would be. Acceleration is fast with virtually no power loss to the rear wheel. Rode with too little air in the fork and was blowing through most of the travel, lock out works great. (why is there no remote lockout for fox forks available)  Makes me think of getting a Rock Shox with pop-loc!


Trek uses what seems to be a massive amount of carbon around the bottom bracket area and for good reason. When getting out of the saddle and hammering the hills, there is virtually no flex, it’s a very solid feel.  The Superlfy uses the BB 90 net moulded cups (borrowed from the Madone) Bike tracked well and feels predictable at both high and low speeds this is most likely the result of G2 geometry.  So no surprises, it’s a race bike that will make it’s first appearance at EFTA #2. The Fisher Hi-Fi gets EFTA #1 which I hear is muddy, technical, and good for running suspension.


First Impressions — 10 Comments

    • Have not weighed her. If I had to guess though 24ish. About 3-4 lbs less than my dually. Looking around many if not most experts seem to be running hardtails. I also am going from 28mm hoops to 24mm hoops so rotational weight has been reduced as well. May be giving up a bit though on the cornering capabilities.

  1. The bully got two rides on the Superfly before its demise. Rock + carbon = irreversible damage.