Final Push

Calling all you NEMBA racers.  The Hampshire 100 is right around the corner. Sunday August 21st to be exact.  Currently we have six to eight racers planning on, or who have already paid.  This is a Non NECS race so here’s your chance to bring out that Singlespeed bike that you’ve always wanted to race! 

The 100 is a metric offroad century with a claimed 7000ft of climbing.  The only way to make this challenging event more challenging would be to do it with a single gear.  Or if you’re like our Co-Captain Kevin Orlowski.  Do it with a Single gear and no suspension.  (I think he pumps his 29er tires up to 60psi too) 

Hopefully the event will attract some of our guys from the south.


Final Push — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah Fabian but you want to hang with us on that day so we will see you there.