EFTA Racers Mobilize!

The time is at hand.  The NECS is upon us and its time to see if you have prepared for the season adequately.  I’ve got some nagging injuries but my excitement for this year is more than enough to trump them…for now :/

I would like to get at least one NEMBA Racing team entered into the EFTA team challenge.  Who is interested?  Doesn’t require anything extra than just showing up and racing.  You do have to have a full year membership to EFTA however.

If you want in get me your: EFTA license # and expiration date & your age category and class.

We need teams of 4 so I guess first three to respond will be on a team with me and after that we can hopefully put a second team together as well?  I’d like to submit the form this weekend at the Grind so if you can get me the info in the next day or two that would be good.


EFTA Racers Mobilize! — 3 Comments

  1. I guess I will do it! Also, anyone who is coming on Sunday please check in at the NEMBA tent so Kevin or I can make a roster. Will be much easier for us to post results rather than chasing everyone down later.

  2. Only thing I have for a nagging injury is my Superfly! Racing angry this weekend!