EFTA Pay Dirt

Attention EFTA racers!

I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you all of the Pay Dirt program that EFTA offers.  I am assuming you all will be doing a NEMBA trail day here and there as the summer progresses and why not score some NECS points while you wield that rogue hoe?

Details can be found here.

Just fill out the simple form after you’ve done the work and hand off to Maz at the following race.  Easy.

Seems to make sense to me that every NEMBA racer should be racking up the full allotment of PayDirt points on offer otherwise we would look a bit silly.  We’re NEMBA after all.

Like a good captain I will be leading by example.  Central NH’s next trail day unfortunately conflicts with the Big Ring Rumpus.  That race doesn’t mesh at all with my personal strengths on the bike and is kind of just hilarious of a SS.  Plus this trail day is the first at a new location in Central NH that I am very excited about.  We are working with the Lakes Region Conservation Trust to develop 500+ acres in Hill, NH for multi-use recreation focusing on mountain biking.  If we work in decent trail density we are talking 15-20 new miles of singletrack in our area.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programing…


EFTA Pay Dirt — 4 Comments

  1. I am really up in the air regarding the Rumpus. I didn’t particularly enjoy it last season and I am certain I won’t like it this year. If EFTA would award championship points to all finishers it would probably encourage me to race but I am not sure right now.

  2. Will wait to see, as of yesterday there were only 30 people registered. I don’t think people liked it and I don’t think you’ll see a big turnout. However, if you need points, want to have a crazy workout, or are fast enough to grab the fastest time, then it may be ok.

  3. hopefully this post didn’t come across as too anti-Rumpus. I think Maz is doing what he can with what hes got and it was damn impressive last year when he pulled this off on no notice to save the NECS from being one less race.

    I think it is an interesting format and gives us MTB’ers a chance to work on different skill sets (if you are in to that kind of thing)

    I bet you’ll see a lot of day of registrations for this one, lots of people eyeing the pre-reg, if its low they’ll try and show up and steal that prize money.