Domnarski Farm

It was a great day to race Domnarski Farm today, the weather was perfect especially since last year it had rained in the morning before the race and then poured afterwards.  NEMBA Racing fielded three CAT2 racers today:  Harold Green , Fabian Esponda, and myself.  Another NEMBA member and most likely joining the team next year, Glenn Vernes from CT was racing today as well.

Team Green's chariot


Fabian changes wheelsets pre-race

Glenn attaching his bib

Glenn is ready for his start

I got off to a pretty good start figuring I would begin in the rear and start picking people off as I went but on one particular descent in the initial half mile of the course (before the big climb) I hit a rock which spun my front wheel backwards and down I went getting a deep scrape just above my ankle and maybe spraining a few fingers.  My front brake lever was sticking a bit, too.  My gearing, 32:21, was perfect for the big climb but when my heart monitor alarm started sounding I decided to take it easy just to be safe, although I think there was something wrong with it.

Once at the top is where the fun begins.  The trails are mix of single and dual track and you can really get moving.  I was holding my own in the single track and even passed a few geared riders!  I was able to ride most of the powerlines but had to walk the first section and then it was back to the single track and $10 hill, which I walked.  After the last mud pit, it’s pretty much all downhill from there and except for getting passed by a few Pro and CAT1 riders I had the last two miles of the course to myself.

It really didn't hurt that much

Fabian got 5th place and I got 8th, which is last.  Harold DNF’ed with a flat tire.  Glen got 13th.


Domnarski Farm — 6 Comments

    • The best Mountain Bike Race in New England, by a big stretch. Too bad you guys all did the Manchester Cross Race… Domnarski’s is too much fun. (Even with a DNF, I had a great time). The pair of Team BBC Growlers certainly helped!

    • Yeah Domnarski likes it too! We all got to ride together one of these days.
      That race was a hoot. 6th place was stalking me but I rode the plank and almost put the bike in the parking lot but managed to swing it around the last corner with my foot “dirt track style”. I must have seemed crazy because I was yelling whoo hooo!

  1. We could also add Matt to the unofficial team members. He rode a super race finishing 2nd in the 19-29 Cat 1 field with 2 sub hour laps.

  2. I would concur Harold. This is the best race course in New England that I have ridden so far.