Death March at Winsted Woods

If you thought the Massasoit Lung Opener was fun then you should have been at Winsted Woods for even more fun.  This was a tough, technical course but with only two really steep climbs.  What made it brutal was the mud.  While Massosoit had some mud, Winsted was mostly mud.

There were hecklers wearing hula skirts

I did a pre-lap to get the lay of the course and it was pretty bad at that point.  Still, it’s always good to understand the course and to strategize where you were going to run and where you weren’t, especially for this course.

When I got on the course for my race, it was a lot worse.  Due to the weather, the Root66 organizers shortened the laps for each of the races.  I probably would have DNF’d if I had to do a third lap.  The course was only 3.2 miles long but felt like 10 miles.  While there were good spots here and there where it was hard to ride the technical sections, because of the mud.  The best spot on the course was the back mile.

Not sure I was the only NEMBA racer there because I thought I saw Harold’s sun on the course but I was the only one wearing NEMBA colors.  I did a lot of walking, was the last person through the finish line and took 7th place in the CAT2 Singlespeed Category.



Death March at Winsted Woods — 4 Comments

  1. nice job Mark! Sometimes sticking with it mentally and getting yourself to the line no matter what can be chalked up as a win.

    Sounds like Sunday was a murder’fest no matter where you were racing.

  2. Mark – Yes son Matthew was there, taking 1st in the Expert 19-29. Jeff and I were still with Mom the day after the Memorial for my Dad.