Coyote Hill

Got up at 5am to make the trek.  Mireille and Lucas were also going to race.  3 bikes, a dog and our stuff… our Honda Civic was full.  Got up there and snagged a good parking spot.  We all had to park on the road because of the wet conditions.  Mireille’s Cat 3 race went off without a hitch.  I noticed my car had a flat!  Lucas’ kid race was next.  I had to miss his start because I was on the phone calling AAA.  They are on their way!  Lucas race finished, he took a wrong turn!  Just like his dad!  Mireille snagged 4 out of 6!  I couldn’t believe how clean she came out.  My race, SS open only had 4 pre entries.

At the start there was still only 4 of us.  Seems that most of the SSpeeders are in Southern New England?  I got off without a hitch, finally!  A couple miles in passed a fellow SSer with a flat.  Now if I could prevent a mechanical I’d have at least 3rd!  I know I’m off my game and I don’t deserve it… but I’ll take it!!!Sweet.  I decided to play it safe and just relax and ride.  Conditions were slick and my bike set up felt really bad on these trails.  I was running a 26er fork and the small block 8 tires so it was kind of hard to say the least.  Second lap was easier then the first.  Highlights were seeing 2 different people wiping out on the same root on different laps.  Glad it wasn’t me.  I managed to keep the bike up right and finish which was my goal.  Bike was making funny noises and I’ll tell you why!  The day before was a crazy day and I was interrupted many times while working on my bike.  I left the fun bolts loose on my rear wheel.  Just hand tight!  Oh my !  Glad the wheel didn’t fall off!  All is well now and I went back to a 29r fork and I’ll be running beefier rubber for Domnarski’s Farm.


Coyote Hill — 6 Comments

  1. “I was running a 26er fork and the small block 8 tires so it was kind of hard to say the least.”


    • It worked pretty good at Massasoit and SSappalooza but not at Coyote. Gearing was off too. I must make notes for next year.

  2. I know! I might have to get a Nemba T. It was so hot I had to get the “kit” off. Where can I see how Crossley does it?