Coyote Hill Mud Fest May 29, 2011

Sometimes it’s probably better to just stay home!

I got Alli and her friend up nice and early for the 120 mile trip up north to Tom Masterson’s Coyote Hill Mountain Bike for the annual Widowmaker of the Root66 Series.  Having ridden for about 3 hours Saturday with a nice group of locals in Hawley, and having everything working pretty smoothly, I hadn’t spent the normal time prepping the bike for a race.  That would bite me good.

I did readjust the rear derailleur cable a bit since shifts weren’t real smooth, but that and a cursory de-mudding were all I did to the bike.  I really should have looked at the front brake – since when I arrived in Fairlee, one of the caliper bolts had fallen out somewhere on I91.  I scrambled around looking in the car for any miscellaneous hardware to no avail, before begging a bolt and washer from Tom.  Needless to say, the spacing wasn’t quite perfect on the Shimano brake and began the race with a little drag…

That little drag got progressively worse as the caliper tried to recenter while dealing with the mud, a minor crash and whatnot.

End result, I finished and since there were only 10 of us, did accumulate a few points for the Team.


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