Coyote Hill

This past weekend Kevin and I braved the cold, rain, and snow (yes, snow) to represent NEMBA at the Coyote Hill Classic race.  This was old-school racing.  Undaunted by the mud, we mixed it up in the Cat. 2 single-speed race and had quite a bit of fun in the process.  The Cat. 2 designation was a bit of a misnomer as several of us would be racing Cat. 1 if it weren’t for USAC’s rules.  The course was surprisingly good considering the conditions and would have been stellar had things been dry.  Unfortunately, Keven ended up playing mechanic in the woods on his second lap which ultimately resulted in a DNF.  I (Mark) eked out a very close third place.  You can read more about it on Kevin’s blog, or mine.

DSC01183 DSC01166

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