Just in case you missed it. It’s March!!!

So here’s some important dates;
March 11th daylight savings/Blue Steel indoor TT
March 16th Race kits are scheduled to ship
March 24th Team Meeting (TBA)
March 25th King of Burlingame TT
April 6th Good Friday Team Road Ride in the Whites

Better get that bike dusted off, cause the season is here!



Countdown — 5 Comments

  1. shippping on the 16th, so like a week after that they will arrive or something?

  2. team meeting, i like the sound of that even though we are all very spread out geographically.

  3. Is NEMBA riding in the Nashua spring parade? That looks like the Fisher in the back of the truck.

  4. That’s right. We are gonna look sharp out there this year. I am pumped to have such an awesome group of guys and gals on the team this year. We are talking about a group team ride on the 24th. Possibly somewhere near the NEMBA headquarters. Block the time and come out for an awesome ride and them a meal after. Shawn Smith is taking on the organizing first and the then the arm twisting next. My first race will likely be at the Burlingame TT on 3/25. That is as long as I have a bike. I am psyched to be getting a Seven Cycles 29er this year!

    • The team ride is TBA. Really it’s up to A. The Weather. B. PK.
      Not really much planning. Just show up, get your kit, go for a ride, eat food after. Not entirely shure this will materialize.