Change of Plans

Great day for a team training ride on Friday and to try on our new kits.   Ride was supposed to consist of two out and backs.  First would be out and over Gonzo and second up and over the Kanc.  Turned out to be a Gonzo/Kinsman ride instead.

Kevin O, cresting Gonzo.

The climb from Lincoln is about 9 miles, with the last 5 1/2 being the hardest.  There is a section when turning on 118 that kicks up to about 13% road then levels and then hits you again as you get to the top.  The reports of the road conditions were spot on, towards the top there were frost heaves, sand, and large cracking.  Needless to say we would be a bit more cautious on the down.

The ride changes from here.  Original plan was to turn around and hit Gonzo from the West.  However, Greg K, (The Preacher) felt we be better served hanging ourselves out to dry on the wide open Rt 25 heading North.  Being the group elder, there would be no questioning for someone as old and wise.  So we made our way North.  A nice ride indeed, running a pace line of green and yellow.

Just how many green shirts did it take to change that flat?  I can tell you that 3 tubes, 3 CO2’s , 3 tire levers, and 5 sets of hand would get it done in what must be a record 35 minutes.

Another right turn on 10 and then on 116 would start the ride back towards the cars.  Still have Kinsman to do, and if I remember correctly there was a fair amount of climbing on 116 that must be done to get us back to 116.  Yes as a matter of fact over 5 miles of going up.  Its a steady climb where in a good group you could hammer out an 18 to 20 mile per hour pace.   Hammer Carl did (notice I said Carl) cause he pulled for almost the entire 5+ miles.   Nobody came to the front, nobody had a single word to say, just stay on the wheel.  

Once on Rt 112 we could regroup, by now with legs fully tenderized and thoughts of chimichanga’s and an Ice cold beer on everyones minds, we headed for the cars.  Of course that is after we crest the backside of Kinsman!  Two more miles of climbing with tenderized legs.  The backside isn’t all that bad, there are a couple spots toward the top where it kicks up to about 7% but it’s over before you know it.  Some nice view’s of the frozen beaver pond and ice waterfalls from the rock cliffs.  Ride was almost over, just a 50+ mph downhill  back to the cars.  A couple of us whipped up the speed to over 50 mph coming down Kinsman toward Lincoln, and the rest of the downhill is 30+ mph with limited effort.  Was a great ride for April in the whites!


Change of Plans — 7 Comments

  1. Hah! Great edit. There are now several videos of me trying to fix my bike mid ride on the internet. I swear it doesn’t happen a lot….but when it does, always worthy of taking video.

  2. Video was shot on my small camera so the quality isn’t that good. Last year I had a go pro (non HD) version. Going to sell that one and get a HD go pro or Contour HD. The quality from these cameras are just too good to pass up. Pretty cool to have five team guys riding. I think the next kanc or kingdom ride we will double that number. I’m a big fan of “team ride days”