Calm Before the NEMBA Storm!

The only hurricane I’d be worried about this weekend is the one that’s going to take place at TVR on Sunday.  I know The Mr. Smith is sparing no bike, body part, or common course courtesy to bump himself up from 5th overall to a podium position.  It’s possible.

In addition, our hard working civil servant who is continuously burdened by choosing between fried clams or 9lb lobsters has an opportunity to escalate himself from 15th in the sport Vet II class all the way up to …….7!! with the right game plan and a little help from the course marshal’s or a few teammates……not that that would ever happen because we know it’s all above the board all the time.

I, myself, also have a job to do.  I’ll be without my usually singlespeed support team, they’ll be railing and hammering something in Vermont, but none the less I have 1 man to beat to lock up my own success. … just me vs him, can’t wait.  27 gears vs 1

AND FINALLY, for his amateur expert debut, could there be a more fitting weather forecast than 0% change of sun when Carl drops the hammer with a few of his fellow teammates at the starting line?   The skill and endurance are both there! 

So that’s all I got, if anyone else has a goal or milestone coming up for the final race of the EFTA season, get it up here!  As KG says “ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!!”

Now go get some

This one is for EFTA & NEMBA for a great season!


Calm Before the NEMBA Storm! — 5 Comments

  1. Hear hear!

    Well said Steve. It’s been a hell of a year with great results and good times. I think we’ve built a great foundation for NEMBA Racing to build from.

  2. I like it! After all of the mud this year, whats one more day in hell? Battle time! Blue Steel has the 3rd place for the team competition, we need it back!

  3. this just in! via Facebook:

    TVR 2011 has been MOVED to SUNDAY OCTOBER 16. Due to the incoming hurricane, our venues mandated closure 8/28. This was a wise decision considering the risk. The new date works around remaining MTB races in Sept and several big cyclocross races in Oct. The lake will be cooler but still open. We will refund pre-entries who can’t make the new date, but hoping to see you all for a cooler running of the summer classic TVR! Thanks.

    Now I might be able to make this race.

  4. You guys are awesome! Now that the race date has been changed I will try to make it. The race in Ashford got canned also. I will be racing cyclocross for the second week in a row tomorrow morning. Hell maybe I will do two races just to really crush myself before the STORM!

    See you all at the NEMBAfest.