Bragging Rights

For those that track ride data…

I highly recommend you check out Strava.  We have a club set up that collates all of our ride data and eventually we can even enter contests, etc. as a team.  But more importantly it will motivate each of us to try and ride as much as Bully does (if he ever starts tracking and posting rides…)

I also got our Strava club signed up for a cool little app designed by Cosmo over at  This tracks just our club members and creates a leaderboard based on a few different metrics.  Once we get into the season we could even embed a widget right here so we can all watch who has the most saddle time or miles, etc.

Check it out!

And join in on the action!


Bragging Rights — 2 Comments

  1. Soon… Strava bully in the house. Will be unloading a new car GPS I got and grabbing a garmin bundle… Soon