Bloomin’ Metric

My daughter and I rode in the 34th annual Sound Cyclists Bloomin’ Metric Bicycle Tour. This was our second time riding in the tour and the second year for the Burley Tandem that we have been riding together.  We did the 25 mile route again because we were riding with my father and his girlfriend but they got the jump on us because we got down to Calf Pasture Beach a little later then they did.  They had a 15 to 20 minute lead on us and when took off Katie and I were hammering the whole way picking old and young folks alike riding comfort bikes, we even over took a few serious riders, too.  We caught up to them at the feed stop and they had only been there 5 minutes.

After the feed stop we rode the last 9 miles again trying to catch up again with my father who, surprisingly got a lot faster this year.  We got passed by a few riders in professional kit but we overtook quite a few ourselves.  It was fun and Katie had a great time.  We look forward to doing it again next year.  Of course, if Katie get’s a little taller and I can raise the seat up, then next year I might be able to connect my tandem trial-a-bike to the tandem and ride with all three kids!


Bloomin’ Metric — 2 Comments

  1. wait a tandem trail-a-bike connected to a tandem? I think you might need a Class E license to operate something like that! haha

    I’d love to see that in action.

  2. Yeah, a tandem pulling a tandem would certainly be large. Can’t wait to try it though.