Blazzing Saddles Centry

Did the North Shore Cyclist annual century ride today.

After mile 25 there were only myself and this guy Russ.  The two of us shared the work evenly and I finally got my sub 5 hour 100 in.

Ride time 4:48, total time 4:57

Good luck to the boys doing the NH100 tomorrow!


Blazzing Saddles Centry — 5 Comments

  1. How did the ride compare to the 100 we did? was the first 25 a group effort, how fast was the pack moving? do tell

  2. After the first 25 is was very similar with just myself and this guy Russ. The 25 mile stop was meant for those doing the half century, I have no idea why so many of the strong riders stopped so early. The major differences were no wind and no traffic. Not having to spend 50 miles fighting a head wind was a big plus. The ride had two stops at 50 and 80 miles which we kept to about 5 minutes each. I rode much smarter this time also, keeping my pulls at a sane 22MPH for longer durations. Felt really bad for Russ, with 6 miles to go his right quad locked up bad. He told me to keep going so I did the best TT I could for the last 6 miles. I cramped up good the second I got off the bike but I didn’t care, it was a good day.

    Also I picked up some of those SPF50 arm warmer things for the ride, they worked awesome 🙂

  3. sub 5 hour centuries but hes not ready for the NH100?

    I wonder if the guy who was camping by me on Saturday with a huge gel saddle and a kickstand could do a sub 5hr century?

  4. That’s a handsome time young man. I’ll see you in the parking area and again in the parking area.

    No really, you’re ready for the big time when you pull a sustained 2o.8 mph for a moving average.

    The sun skins were an interesting touch, there’s also an urban legand that says wrapping yourself in tp before a race prevents infection….