Bent Hanger

When you race, there’s something to be said for preparation.  I rushed my bike into the shop Friday at lunch expecting to have to negotiate in order to get the rear wheel trued for Bradbury the next day.  The catch was it was past noon and I needed to pick it up that night.  Tomy surprise, Wheelworks in Belmont was happy to take my rear wheel and get it straightened up.  When I asked about bleeding the brakes in addition, I was pushing it so I left it alone and was happy with just the tire.  I had everything else ready, but I had to skip the prerace ride.  I usually catch a few “needs” during that ride, or at least create a few, but for the most part the bike has been good and I’ve been able to hide from the mechanical buggy man on race day.

Bradbury was different.  I thought I was good to go, but lap 1 proved me wrong.  The chain flipped of the top of the cassette mid lap, no big deal.  Hop off, get it back over and don’t use the big in the back.  If that’s the only problem, I’ll take it, even if early in the race.  A few pedal strokes later, the seat post started to drop.   I never mess with the post, but maybe the 35 degree weather was screwing with the carbon.  A few adjustment attempts and wasted minutes later, I was back on the bike riding like I had a race to win.  All was good!!…..

Then came a series of bone-headed wipe outs on lap 3.  I managed to over shoot a corner at speed and hop over a log before planting into the ground at a good pace.  I then followed it up by a great face plant over a rock wall.  Only 3 people witnessed the crash over the wall, so my level of embarrassment was minimal…..I keep telling myself.   Somewhere in the middle of those I was able to “realign” my hanger to its current condition that you see in the pictures.  I kept telling myself it wasn’t bad and I didn’t even bother to look.  The fact that I only had 3 gears in the middle somewhere said it all.  I owna singlespeed, this is just a lighter version…. keep riding and stop the worrying.  After completing my 4th lap for the day I decided, against my better judgement, to take a look.  And there it was, as ugly as the person you can’t stop looking at in disbelief while riding the T.   A hanger so bent, I’m surpeized I didn’t rip the derailluer off in the rear tire.   So that’s the end of my story and the end of my race.  Prep all you want or don’t, but sometimes it just happens and you live with it or bail.  I bailed, but Luck for me Carl and Shawn picked up the pace for me…thanks guys, I owe you 1.


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  1. LOL even with a bent hanger and multiple crashes you still killed in in typical Crossley fashion. Man you are just in superb shape. Great race man.