Bedford Boys (Metric Century)

Last year mid season I ended up hooking up a road group out of Bedford NH in an effort to increase the fitness.  The group consists of some tri guys, road, and mountain racers.  Leading the rides is my buddy George Gagnon (expert master) EFTA racer.  Each week he puts together something different which makes for a nice change from the ordinary.  This week he said we would be doing a metric century on the summer solstice.   Sounded good.

8 Riders in the lot, normally there would be more but there was another group that left at 3:00pm.  I want their work schedules!  Turns out we were doing an out and back.  Ride 1/2 way up the road to Newport NH (Pinnacle) turn around at mile 31 and come back.  Pace was fast on the way out, but faster on the way back.  Some elevation was gained which slowed the pace a bit on the way out.  At the turnaround we had averaged 20.4 someone had said.  Ride home was going to be fun!

Of the 8 that started.  One guy sat up just 5 miles in.  The next guy to go was a bigger guy (not your typical looking cyclist) but a complete powerhouse on the flats.  He would make it until the hills came and then dropped off.  Last to go was another regular that made it to mile 28 but was having a bit of trouble on the ups.  He would turn around, sit up, and wait for us to catch back up after the turnaround. 

Each week there have been 5 regulars, all in about the same ability level and as any road guy will tell you thats a good thing.  Downhill is so much fun when you have a good group following wheels and taking equal pulls.  Hammer came down with each rider working and doing their share.  There were times we were doing 30mph or faster with virtually zero effort. 

Final Numbers

  • 62 miles
  • 21.6 avg

 Plenty of light to spare as well.   Next up;  A date with Pack Thursday AM.

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