Bear Brook Hero Ride

Good lord did Bully put together a slug fest of local fast men for today’s ride!  An Elite/Pro, The Overall EFTA points leader, The Winner of the Expert Vet I Class at NH100 just to name a few.

I don’t get in on rides like this very often, finding REALLY fast riders where I am with my low population density can get tough.  Good thing for me Bully is exceptionally adept at rounding up local heroes for little “get togethers”.  Just what I need to make that next jump up to stupid fast…unfortunately I still have some work to do.

Got some ok footage.  I was messing with a new angle, not sure how I feel about it.  Interesting, but flattens the terrain and gives viewers some great views of my butt (you’re welcome ladies).  It may look a bit sped up at first but I assure you that is how fast I have to spin to keep up with these maniacs.

Bear Brook Hero Ride from Kevin Orlowski on Vimeo.


Bear Brook Hero Ride — 3 Comments

  1. Crotch View. Good stuff. Hopefully we’ll have the HD footage from Rob and pics from Steve as well. Where’s Pinney!

  2. The view from the T-bag looks great, keep up the good work. After riding 18 miles on a SS, I couldn’t wait to get on the 34lb geared bike. The only thing more painful would have been if it were rigid SS….