Battle at Burlingame

I made the trek down to Burlingame to pick up my first race of the season.  Having never ridden there before I was a little intimidated by the 27.5 mile length of the race.  It is still early in the year for me and feeling that I possess way too little fitness this far into the season, I figured my only hope for a good finish was for the entire field to mysteriously drop out.

The course was fast and and while there weren’t many climbs, there were not many flat places.  You felt like you were always going up or down.  It had a rocky ridge traverse, a series of about ten bog bridges, heinous mud (pits of despair) and a few bony climbs for some technical challenge.  Everyone out on course were pretty cool, both passing and getting passed was easy almost everywhere.  The rain held off which was great, and the temps were perfect.

In the end I took third in the Single Speed XC race.  I was sitting forth and as luck (for me) would have it, one of the fellas in the top three blew his sidewall out and I was able to hold onto the scant lead I had on the guy behind me.

Next up is the Treasure Valley Rally.  Hope to see you all there!


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