Another $60! & more

So I went out with Carl and Shaun this morning for an early morning ride.  No better way to start a Friday or cruise into the weekend.  All went well up until the final mile on a great uphill section….then BOOM!  Madness broke loose on the drive train of the Flash 29er (I may have hit my foot on something, but skinny guys shouldn’t break shi..poop.. like this).  

Turns out the quicklink popped off, which I found it on the trail.   Also, the chain got all twisted up and the rear derailleur wrapped up over the rear cog.  I hear it’s common with SRAM rear D’s, to the point where a few other flash’s have had the seatstays destroyed.  After looking like a major disaster, we got it all back together and it looked good, no damage…until I tried to shift. 

Turns out the derailleur hanger is bent…flimsy piece of garbage.  But it worked as it should.  Luckily Quad Cycles had a few in stock @ $30 each so I picked up 2.  I’ll install everything later and have it ready for the Pat’s Peak race tomorrow. 

I know this story sucked, but anyone who rides knows how everything breaks and it always breaks at the worst time.  Racing costs more money than I’ll admit, but I’ll be damn happy tomorrow ripping down the mountain $60 lighter.  Actually more around $160…wait $260 including gas and food.  BUT IT’S ALWAYS WORTH IT. 

I may or may not write up my experience at the rumpus. 

Whatever, here it is:  Andy Gould, Ben P. and I rode our a$$es off for 27 miles.  We all got it, we worked as a team.  On the final mile or so, we railed a corner at full speed.  It gave me a good head of steam coming out and I hit the gas.  Unfortunately for me, it was way too early and the gap I built up wasn’t nearly enough.  Guild and Ben are fast dudes and they showed it.  We were all able to take the crown off the King, but only Guild walked away with $200.  If anyone sees that guy, he should bring the beers to the pinnacle….Kind of like Brady and his linemen after a good season.


Another $60! & more — 3 Comments

  1. Nice post, nice to see I’m not the only one breaking stuff this year. You guys set such a blistering pace. Crazy fast.