All Out at Moody Park – NECS#5

Total mudfest today at Moody Park. We all thought that it couldn’t get much worse than the Gloucester Grind earlier in the year.  Wrong! Three inches of rain during the days leading up to Sunday overwhelmed the trails.  A kayak would have been more appropriate.  Lots of chain suck, squealing brakes and bikes (and riders) stuck in two feet of mud!  And we do this why?  Overall, it was a strong points day for Team NEMBA! Everyone received top ten points except Dustin, whose brakes disintegrated.   It was too bad because Dustin was looking strong.  For full results click HERE.


All Out at Moody Park – NECS#5 — 13 Comments

  1. My hatred of the day is beginning to subside. No man, woman, or beast should be on a course for 2+ hours where 1/2 the lap was like something out of the Eco Challenge. Congrats to Carl for his #1. Nice win. Looks like you were well rested for this weekend.

  2. I like the audio on the footage of the cavity. almost sounds like a sonic boom when the riders come by. What a day… You notice how our results rise to the top on the really hard days? Bunch a ROUGHNECKS on Team NEMBA!

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  3. damn, sorry i missed all the fun! seriously though, great job to everyone for getting through that. you can’t stop Carl, you can only hope to contain him.

  4. I miss one race and every pulls out their best finishes, congrats fellas. Can’t wait for the next one.

  5. Yea nice race guys….that place was a serious mess…It was great to finally meet everyone….hopefully I’ll get out to another race again soon before the NH100

  6. Nice job everyone, and I again apologize to the experts for destroying the course prior to your race. Greg the video came out amazing that little camera did awesome!

  7. Great video, thanks for posting. And as the race director I apologize for the conditions, mother nature was not kind to us. Next year if we have as much rain we’ll modify the course a bit and add a lap.

    Great job surviving the horrendous conditions. I did a sweep lap after the race and was overwhelmed by how bad it was out there.

    Thanks for racing, see you next year!

    Woody G

    • Woody, great job. Everything you had control of was perfect. Nothing you can do about the weather! Out of the 5 NECS races we had 3 of them in the rain and mud.

    • Hey Woody,

      I agree with Greg, what you controlled was spot on. Organized, timely, etc. Somewhere deep down we all enjoy a day like that on some level, whether we like to admit it or not.

      I am very happy this course is back and you are dedicated to keeping it going.