NEMBA Racing works to educate the mountain bike racing community about the importance of maintaining trail systems, opening new trail systems, getting others involved in mountain biking and mountain bike advocacy.

Our team consists of riders of all ages and ability levels.  Racing for NEMBA is not about a resume of your race results.  We are looking for any rider that is committed to participating not only in local races but in trail work and advocacy as well.  Our primary goal is to raise awareness through a constant presence and involvement with local events.

Team membership gets you access to our discounted Team Kit purchases as well as access to our network of shops and local companies that have decided to help the team spread the NEMBA word .  You also get the support of team members throughout New England.  We typically have a team tent at most of the summer series races as well as the bigger endurance events.  You’ll have someone to cheer you on, pass a bottle and possibly even train/ride with in between races.

We try to have three bigger team rides during the year (Spring, Mid-Summer, Fall) and as many other smaller rides as we can schedule.

If you are thinking about racing and think a team atmosphere would help you be successful or you are just looking for a little camaraderie out on the race course why not sign up for the 2022 season and challenge yourself while helping NEMBA promote its mission of trail advocacy: http://racing.nemba.org/?page_id=1835

Wayne Reavill
NEMBA Racing Team