2013 Season at Full Tilt

The 2013 season is well underway at this point. I have been remiss in posting about the events until today.

King of Burlingame MTB TT

My season started with the King of Burlingame MTB TT. This is a really fun way to start the season. It is a 10 mile route through Burlingame SP in Rhode Island. The course is a nice mix of single track, open dirt roads, and technical trail. Contrary to last year’s race I made it to the start on time. I felt good out of the start gate and caught my 1 minute racer inside the first 1.5 miles.

Unfortunately, the race turned for the worse at the same time. I pulled my rear brake lever all the way to the bar and there was no brake! Ughh. Something must have gone wrong when I bled the brakes over the winter. Needless to say the rest of the race was going to be more challenging now. I focused on going as hard as I could on the open sections and on the uphills. This is not my normal strategy as I tend to be pretty good at the technical terrain.

I was able to finish the race without any major crashes and in 17th place. Considering the circumstances finishing only 9 minutes behind the winner wasn’t too bad.

Results are at:


Hop Brook Dam MTB Race

The second race of the season was the Hop Brook Dam MTB race in Middlebury, CT. The race was 4 laps of the course for a total of 21.5 miles. This is a really fun course with about 2000 ft. of climbing for the total race. It is a tough start, even though there is a long stretch through the field around the lake, because the initial singletrack is uphill with a couple of logs to get over. It bottlenecks quickly. I started at the back and did not push myself too hard on the start as I knew the bottlneck would come. I also like being able to work my way up through the field.

I felt sluggish on the climbs but good overall. This was probably due to a 40 mile road ride on Sat. While not the ideal race preparation I still took advantage of the longer ride to get some more miles under my belt. All in all I felt pretty good for 3 of the four laps. The fourth lap really took its toll as I had grabbed the wrong bottles for the race and only had water (no food) for the entire 2hrs. It was a bummer but I couldn’t change it. I was happy that I did not cramp at all. This is not normal for me. I need to have some electrolyte drink to prevent cramping under normal circumstances.

I ended up in 20th place and my rear brake worked perfect also! Results are at:


As always my Seven Sola 29 performed perfectly.  I am really looking forward to this season as I seem to be in better shape than in past years at this point.  I can’t wait to see more NEMBA ‘mates out there on the course.  Hopefully, a few will make the trek down to Winding Trails.

Cheers, Art

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