2011 Single Speed APALOOZA

It rained all night!  I knew the year before was muddy.  I knew the trails would be muddy!  I love the mud!  Got there without a minute to spare.  Was ready to go when I decided to go back to the car to get something.  OCD?  Got back and missed the start!  Dolt!  This place is as smooth as it gets.  Not much road either.  All single speeds!  This is a fun event and a must do at least once.  Almost made all the short hills.  The second loop went fast but some parts were soupier and better jogged.  One weird phenomenon I can’t explain every time I went through a crank set ruining puddle cross the bike came out the other side feeling heavier.  Strange.  I think it’s the cycling shoes taking on water.  I got the bike down to low 20’s lbs range and I didn’t miss the boinger in the front at all.  The Kenda “Small Block Eights”  Rock!

I don’t know where I placed but do know that except for a wrong turn I took allowing riders I passed to get ahead of me on the course nobody passed me.  It helps to let all the other riders start first if is what you want to happen.  No cramps just a bit of tightening in the quads.  I ate one granola bar and one mud infested Kenda water bottle.  Chewed one piece of gum.  Looking forward to trying some of the Bee’s stuff soon.

Thanks to my family for showing up to support me.  Nice people at this race.  Had a blast!

The bike monkey

Always worried of what lies in the puddle!


2011 Single Speed APALOOZA — 9 Comments

  1. Sounds like you had a great race. Nothing like a SS and mud. The two go together like PB&J. Missing the start must have been a bit disturbing, but it prob gave you that shot of adrenalin. Should be getting some results up from the race soon. Nice post!

    • Thanks.
      Yeah SS PB&J, great analogy! Riding with 249 other SS was the glass of MILK.
      There was one guy who rode it on a UNICYCLE!

        • It was wild, I wished I had a helmet cam today. So many Kodak moments. One guy I asked to pass decided he’d climb up on a greasy bridge first he lost it and hung a wheel over the edge. I grabbed a handful of brake and locked em up on the grease to avoid him. Almost lost it myself. He looked like Ted Kennedy on a date hanging over a cliff.

  2. I remember missing the start at a race because I started without my helmet on and had to go back and get it. Doh!

  3. I got 36th in class with a time of 2:55:27. I think they started this group 3 minutes back so I’m supposed to subtract 3 to get my real time. I’ll subtract a total of 5 for starting late and another 5 for taking a wrong turn. Thats racing!!!

  4. I’m the guy on the unicycle. 4:36 – I thought that 2nd lap would NEVER end. Hardest ride of my life. The mud is brutal when all your weight is on one wheel.

    • I’m glad I was able to watch you ride for a bit Steve. Makes me want to get my unicycle out of my trunk and try to learn. I can imagine how hard this must be.