2011 Season Continued

For those of us that can do without the white stuff, this is by far the best winter in many years. Mother nature has been more than kind keeping the snow line north of Concord. I’m a little bummed to have bought skate skis last year and to have them still sitting in the corner. However, I’ll take the ability to ride on the weekends and ride after work in the dark.┬áIt would be another great weekend to add some “base miles” for 2012. Saturday with temps in the mid 40’s I decided to join the Blue Steel 10:00 ride.

Andy Gould, Mark Supernault, Eric Carlson, and George Gagnon would be attending. Note: do not bring Cyclocross bike when riding with guys with road tires. It was base miles pace and my first road ride of the year. Pace was tame like it’s supposed to be this time of year so it was at least possible to keep up on most sections. Only the larger hills would be a problem. Final miles 46, and a good first day.

As with most first of the season road rides the legs would feel a bit tender after getting home. So I began the task of recovery by eating anything I could get my hands on. Why was recovery so important? Cause the next day I had planned a 50 mile ride with some of the new NEMBA team guys.

I had no idea who was showing for Sunday. The invite went out to many. Colder temps and the 10:30 start would mean a ride of just four. Still we’re still in January so having four was great. Steve Crossley, Rob Albert, Andrew Schnellinger, and myself attending.

This day I would at least have Crossley riding his Kona CX, so I was in good company. The ride invite that went out said “classics ride” which would mean a steady diet of paved and dirt roads. One of the best times of the year in my opinion for cross bikes is right now. Half frozen dirt roads, sand, water, and frost heaves are everywhere. Cross becomes the perfect weapon for the fight.

There would be many a section of road where ice coated 500ft sections at a time. Caution was taken in these sections for sure. The day would not be without carnage though. Rob did his best superman impression when he ended up head first sliding down the road on an ice sheet. However, he’s a warrior and would finish out his day with no complaints. Many a time on this ride base miles would give way to Vo2 max following Crossley’s wheel, and his furious uphill pace. Andrew is also an absolute monster on the flats as well. Lots of fast guys and good times made for a great early season weekend.

Weekend total 6.5 hours in the saddle total. 86 miles or so.



2011 Season Continued — 8 Comments

  1. I don’t share your sentiment for this winter season so far but I’m glad you guys are getting out. Hard winter to be a down mountain skier…

    Superman on ice is pretty rad Rob, you need to show me that one sometime. Where was Carl with his deep dish wheels?

  2. Daa wish I could have joined you guys. Did over 20 hours of painting this weekend. Last week of work to the house then its back to training full time.

  3. Sounds like fun. We should schedule a big team ride so that we can all suffer on a ride with the Bully.

  4. How about some. Immense from the new guys! It won’t be long now and I’ll be getting on them. Team ride coming soon, but first, EFTA banquet.

  5. Yeah, the superman was not too much fun… neither was trying to keep up with those guys! Base pace? Right! Still, it was really fun. Thanks Shawn for showing us around the “foothills” of your neighborhood. The winter has been great. I don’t really miss the skiing, since that is more $ in my pocket, and more time to try to get faster on the bike!