2011 Massasoit Lung Challenge… opener?

Hey, so I wake up this morning and I look out the window and see what looks like rain falling pretty hard, go out the front door and it’s kinda cold!  So I really wanted to stay in bed but I was pre regged for this one.  Only 2.5 hours away!  Ok I get prepared and am on my way at 10 am , should give me plenty of time for 1:30 start!  On the way we just miss seeing somebody hit a guard rail.  It’s slick out there.  Slow down!  I’m not feeling 100% so I need to stop and gas, pop an Exedrin, eat my ritualistic DD sausage, egg, cheese on toasted bagel.  We get there 1:16.  Luckily the race time is pushed back 30 minutes because the muk muk trail is slowing people down.

I meet Steven Crossley and Mark Lurie at the tent.  I get ready and we go to line up.  Steve and Mark and I are very excited for what looks to be a mudfest rainy spring day.

Unfortunately I don’t see Steve again so I can’t ask him how it was.  He did seem very excited!  We are all crazy now.


I run into a friend of mine who says Hands and feet went numb because of the cold.  I put on a pair of neoprene gloves which work great all day and hands stayed warm and did not feel waterlogged!

Well we are off and I’m feeling great running about mid pack of 13.  About 4 miles in or so I take a wrong turn!!!  Don’t realize it till I’m all the way to the end of this trail.  I keep staring at the trail and don’t see the usual mud with tire tracks!  Duh.  Stupid move number three in just the last two weeks.  So I get back.  I’m not sure what time I loss but I can put it at about 5 minutes.  All the 40’s and 50’s are now ahead of me!  This is just like last week!  Darn!  So I try and play catch up.  Futile!  I did manage to catch one poor single speeder soul with what looked like a mechanical failure.

I finish and head back to the tent.  No sign of Mark?

I head back to the start and he comes rolling in.  Poor Mark had the flu the week before, and with a new bike set up had some mechanical issues and dealing with the cold.  Well glad he was in one piece as we both did our part to hold up the rear today!!!

I’m starting to feel like I’m making an excuse for every race but I know things will come together.  I missed a turn last week too.  I’ll have to start holding my head up higher and paying better attention.  I just get so focused on the going smoothly and as fast as I can I just blank out the arrows.  I did feel much better about the course this year than last, I like the rain and the mud.  I like the sideways sliding and the challenge of negotiating roots on an off camber turn.  Fun.


Zoe, my daughter came with me for support.  She snapped some great pictures!

Mark post race

The New Nemba kits look GREAT!  That’s Maarten my dog in his snazzy kit.


2011 Massasoit Lung Challenge… opener? — 4 Comments

  1. Wrong turn? Yep, done that before. Lot’s of mud racing down there in April. Perfect for single speeding. Tent looks like it came in handy too.