2011 King of Burlingame

This was the third year I’ve done the King of Burlingame time trial.  Despite the difficult winter here in New England I’d spent a lot of time on the spin bike and had some good early season rides with Shawn.   I felt ready but this race attracts a lot of riders from the south so I went in relaxed with no expectations.  I decided to once again race my 2008 Titas Racer-X.  I really wanted to try out the new Superfly 100 I got from Chelmsford Cyclery 🙂 but I just did not have enough saddle time on her yet.

Truth be told I was also worried about the mud.  Last year the course was a mess.  There were several puddles so deep the bike disappear out from under you.   That was not the case this year.  The seven miles of the course were impressively dry with only a few small mud spots.  The mostly flat course starts out with a long <1% downhill.  At the bottom there are some really fun technical sections.  After climbing out the course finishes up on some double track laced with a number of beautiful bridges.

The sport riders started at about 10:30am and were sent out at 30 second intervals.  I started mid pack and managed to pass 7 people but was passed twice (one was the sport overall winner with a time of 30 minutes 35 seconds?)  I finished 8th overall in the sport class with a personal best official time of 33 minutes and 8 seconds.  I did stop for about 10 seconds to give a rider my CO2 after he experienced a flat so … 32 minutes 58 seconds. 🙂  Overall it was once again a blast and I look forward to racing again next year.    -Carl


2011 King of Burlingame — 15 Comments

  1. Yeah nice job but I think you would have won with the Superfly. 🙂 Gonna figure out how we can post results on the site….

  2. Carl all that hard work in the winter will pay huge dividends for you this year. I have you picked to win Sport Vet I this year.

  3. Nice job guys! You could not ask for better weather considering years past. Finished 15th in sport 19-39 ,36:46.435. My best time yet. I was trying to video the course with my new helmet cam but mistakingly ran the battery out and only got 10 min of run time. Better luck next year.

    • Good job Mark. You must have received training on the helmet cam from Shawn Smith.