20 – 100

Thanks Carl! Wednesday was the big cape century and Carl came down to share some of the work. This was a Dennisport to Provincetown and back route. The big thing with the cape is the lack of hills. At least nothing more than 3% anyway. So an easy day no doubt, or maybe not. The variable here can be wind and sun.

I’m a morning guy and Carl as you know is adverse to riding in direct sunlight. The weather was sun in the AM and to cloud up in the afternoon. We headed out around 12:30. It was a quick warm up and then it was game on. Taking turns on the front, and long pulls into a headwind. Your 2011 EFTA sport champion has also turned into a house of power on the road as well. Certainly we were going out too fast. 25-26mph at times on the flats.

The first stop came around mile 42. I was out of water at that point and feeling the effort. I decided to grab a Coke while stopped. We topped up the bottles and we continued on our way. The good news is we were just outside of our destination, Provincetown.

We hit P town at about mile 48. Lots of shops narrow streets, and an old world feel. Carl stops to grab some pics and shortly after we were back on our way. All our slow speed riding in town was hurting the average speed though. Time to continue.

Good thing Carl loaded up on his SPF 1000 since the sun was high in the sky and cloudless on the outer cape. We were literally baking out there, but finally had a much needed tailwind behind us which really helped. Miles ticked away and we were getting close. We stop for a second time at around mile 80. We topped off one last time, and I had my 2nd Coke which really hit the spot. Legs were now tender and filled with lactic acid quickly. At this point though we were close. Just around 20 miles to 100. More importantly we had just about 4 hours of total moving time this far. That would light a spark.

Last 20 miles mouth wide open, leg pistons firing, and hands in the drops. Hammering the hills and powering the flats. I estimated a finish time of 4:54. We hit the line at about 4:58. Century done in under 5 hours!

What went right? Enduralites! I started popping these in P town steadily. Power would remain and maybe even increased a bit. The two cokes I had helped too. Usually there is no consumption of solid food on these types of rides but I had brought along a Raw Revolution bar with no issues upon consumption. Heed and Perpetuem were the primary sources of fuel.
What went wrong. Going out too fast! Common issue with us mountain bike guys!

Carl thought this ride was harder than the Kanc ride a week ago. I think they were both hard but in totally different ways. Good to have done both of these as I’m now playing catchup for my lack of riding in June/July.

Next up Bear Brook Epic this Sunday!


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  1. Nice job Shawn, it was a good day. I’m glad you were still feeling pretty good at the end cause at mile 90 I was hurting bad. Any little hill and the legs started to cramp. I’m super happy we got the 100 done in just under 5 hours. That was certainly a first for me. -Carl