October is a great month for trail building.  The leaves are falling and terrain is easy to see, and that of course is great for planning and routing trails. So construction begins on yet another trail at the Horse Hill property in Merrimack NH. Southern NH NEMBA chapter president Matt Caron and I would begin construction on what we hope to be the longest trail at this parcel.  Like so many of the old state lands there are your usual fire roads throughout that map from point A to point B. This usually leaves large unused areas for building. Starting off with a clean slate is always nice and we got some nice area that runs along a ridge to work with.

The hope of course is to have the trail fully roughed in before next spring. For this to happen we’ll need a couple trail days added to the calendar. This year we’re cutting in with some newer tools that seem to be helping to cut a little faster. In just 2.5 hours of work today we moved along rather quickly. The other positive here is that the terrain is loamy and free from rocks, and large roots.  Many of the sections feel already packed down too.  Should be quite interesting to see how this trail progresses with some influence from NEMBA Racing. Hopefully this one is going to be fast with great flow, just like the Merrimack Valley guys do it.

Today was not without incident, as the Prez sliced his leg pretty good using one of his new high tech tools with serrated teeth. Blood was gushing through his sock and down into his shoe. Not sure if he’ll need stitches but it looked pretty bad to me. Matt isn’t too good either when seeing his own blood, he sat down on a large boulder (Blood Rock) and began to pass out. We grabbed a shirt out of his pack and wrapped it tight and walked out to the cars.  All in all it was a good start to what will add more miles to an already decent up and coming trail system. The town of Merrimack has also been very supportive in the approval of trails here.





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